The Certificate in Fire Safety Response Course provides an in-depth perspectives of the Fire Safety in Malaysia with the intent to prepare individuals who are tasked with implementing and maintaining fire safety within their premises with the necessary knowledge to go about performing their roles.
The participants will have a good overview on the Classes of fires and methods of extinction, uses and methods of fire extinguishers on different fire situations, Fire safety and fire prevention program, understand the nature and characteristics of fire, Handle fire drill exercises and safe evacuations in fire situations. Learn the uses of different fire protection systems and the proper communication methods, understand the roles and responsibilities of Fire Safety Committee (FSC), conduct a risk assessment on the building and educate the buildings’ tenants / occupants on fire prevention and fire response plans.

  • Global Trends of Fire Safety and the Impact to Businesses and the Property Owner
  • Basic Principles of Fire Behaviour
  • Classification of Fire and its Extinguishment
  • Fire Prevention Systems & Measures
  • Types of Passive Fire Protection
  • Types of Active Fire Protection System
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Hose Reel System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency Lightings
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Exercise ERP
  • Formation of Fire Safety Committee
  • Fire Wardens / Marshal
  • Conduct a Table-Top Exercise (TTX)
  • TTX
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment on the Building
  • Case Study
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